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The Rough Guide to Canada
Pealkiri: The Rough Guide to Canada
Autor(id): Tim Jepson, Phil Lee, Tania Smith and Christian Williams

Kirjastus: Penguin
Originaalkeel: inglise keel

ISBN: 1843532662
Lehekülgi: 1136

Seisukord: korralik raamat
Suurus: tavaformaadis, pehmete kaantega

Thoroughly revised and updated, the fifth edition of the Rough Guide to Canada covers this vast and geographically diverse country in impressive detail. There are insightful accounts of every Canadian city, from vibrant Montréal to laid back Vancouver, and vivid descriptions of Canada''s varied landscapes, from the magnificent Rocky Mountains and the stormy coasts of the Maritimes to the northern Arctic reaches. Throughout there is practical advice on skiing, whale-watching, kayaking, hiking and a host of other outdoor pursuits. Thousands of listings recommend the best accommodation options, restaurants, bars and clubs in every price range.

Sari: Rough Guide Travel Guides

Hind: 6,00 EUR

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